Charlie Brooker: Videogames Changed the World

Written by Adrian Killens on .

Back in 2010 I took on a little project that I called 'Song A Week' for which I wrote and recorded one song every week for an entire year. A by-product of which was a selection of YouTube clips that I made to go with some of those songs. One such video featured Steve Bradshaw, a friend of mine, writing a video game on the ZX Spectrum called Chasing Aidy. I'd actually forgotten all about this until Channel 4 contacted me a little while ago asking if they could use part of it in an upcoming video game documentary. Obviously I said yes. The documentary turned out to be Charlie Brooker: Videogames Changed the World. So there go, a few seconds of fame and I even got my name in the end credits!

If you haven't already seen it then go check it out on 4OD and if you want to see the entire clip then here it is in all its low-fi glory!