Lunar Panda Beta Testing

Written by Adrian Killens on .

Beta Testing

We're slowly reaching the end of the Lunar Panda development cycle and we thought it was about time to start getting some outside opinions on our new game. So in a very professional manner we stocked up on beer, ordered a shed load of pizza and invited two of our chums round to try out the game in its current state. Dean's neighbour Nik and Ian Guebert from Great Bit Blog came to Gimpy HQ where they got to play the Lunar Panda in a darkened room whilst Dean and myself sat close by and took notes.

Dean and I have obviously played the game loads over the past few months as we've been developing and tweaking it, so it was interesting to watch people play these tackle stuff like the hover cars and forcefields for the first time ever. Over all I'd say we're pretty happy with the feedback but we will be upping the difficulty on a couple of levels and easing up on a couple of others.