Revival 2013

Written by Adrian Killens on .

Mike Montgomery

A brand new retro gaming expo took place this weekend at Wolverhampton Racecourse and since Dean's recently built a Lunar Panda arcade cabinet we thought it'd be pretty fitting to take it along. Lunar Panda faired pretty well amongst adults of a certain age who instantly recognised the Lunar Lander origins, and kids seemed to be equally intrigued by his happy little face and jetpack. The highlight of the weekend however was when Mike Montgomery, founder of Bitmap Brothers and the man behind Speedball 2, came and took control of Mr Panda. It took him a couple of attempts but he managed to land Mr Panda safely and seemed pretty impressed that the whole thing was written in Python. Turns out he's a C# man nowadays and after a brief and rather geeky conversation he even signed an autograpgh. Top man!