Hello Word

Written by Adrian Killens on .

Welcome to the first ever Gimpy Software blog post!

Earlier this year I got together with two good friends of mine (Dean Edis and Andy Cardy) and we decided to have a go at making a video game for fun. Since making that decision we've all purchased Raspberry Pi's and learnt how to code in Python. We've been working hard on a Panda based game, that pays homage to an existing game with a similar title.

At some point during this voyage of discovery we thought it'd be quite cool to put a site together and share our source code with the world and hopefully inspire a few people to have a go themselves. This is that site.

We also picked up an artist along the way but we'll tell you more about him in the next post, or you could just read the 'About' section to find out who he is ;-)

Raspberry Pi